Weekend in Scotland

9 March 2008

Big thanks to Becky, Helena and Tony for making my manic London-Scotland trip possible.


Finally, I managed to go climbing from London

6 January 2008

A Saturday trip to the Peak District made me finally accept that life in London might not be that bad. A leisurely start at 7am, a massive breakfast at Grindleford station cafe made for a very civilized start of the day. Some local knowledge obtained from friendly climbing shop in Hathersage pointed us to Lawrencefield, which was getting plenty of sun and was shielded by trees from the wind.

There were no other climbers there, so we could do the most popular routes without any trouble.

Life in London so far

6 January 2008

There’s not much time or scope for big outdoor adventures, unfortunately, even though English countryside can provide some taxing expeditions like the Brighton to Lewis walk:

I have since been to Edinburgh and did a short walk in Pentlands, which just made me miss Scotland even more, because the weather was lovely, if a bit windy.

I also went to Prague with JJ for Christmas, where we had time for some skiing and ice-skating.

City Slicker

21 October 2007

Some photographs of my commuting bike being built:


29 September 2007

More Chinese vocabulary, together with pronunciation, in a format for ProVoc is here. There are about all the words from lessons 1-6 from Teach yourself beginner’s Chinese.

Good books get to you

20 September 2007

“Indeed, there is nothing more vexing, for instance, than to be rich, of respectable family, of decent appearence, good education, not stupid, even kind, and at the same time to have no talents, no particularity, no oddity even, not a single idea of one’s own, to be decidedly like everybody else.”

SPDEs at Institute Mittag-Leffler

11 September 2007

Here are some pictures of Institut Mittag-Leffler, and of the participants at the Stochastic Partial Differential Equations Workshop.

The people
The people

The institute itself
The institute itself

Tower Ridge, Ben Nevis

25 August 2007

I’ve had no luck with getting out to climb…

18 August 2007

…so maybe I can at least watch others climbing on television: http://www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/greatclimb/.
Update.The show has been cancelled due to bad weather.

Aonach Dubh

10 June 2007