Orange P7

Being always slightly frustrated by the mountain bike I’ve had in Edinburgh, I decided it’s time to do something about it. The plan was to get a new hardtail frame and suspension fork and then recycle all the other parts, so that I can stay within a reasonable budget. Having a plan, I’ve recently started shopping. What I got was:
– a second hand 2005 Orange P7 frame.
– a second hand 2005 Marzocchi All Mountain 2 fork.

That was all good, but the fork only had disk brake mounts (I knew that when I bought it, it was just an excuse to get a disc brake). So I bought a new (again second hand) front wheel with a Hope Bulb hub and Mavic XC717 rims. The disc brake of choice was twin piston hydraulic Shimano M535. That just left me with having to buy new front shifters, because the old ones I had were those where the brake and shifters were all in one piece. After stripping the old bike of all the components I had all I needed:

Building the bike was quite easy, yet the whole process still took me the best part of a full day. The result:

Everything works as a charm (even the old Shimano STX rear derailleur is OKish after I cleaned it). The only problem is that the 10 or so years old Shimano Alivio front deailleur won’t play ball with the new shifters, so I’ve been forced to order a new front derailleur. As soon as I have that fitted I’ll take the bike for a spin to Glentress. I’ll also take some more pictures with a proper camera. Pictures taken with a mobile phone are really not that great.


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