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Aperture 1.5

26 September 2006

Update (3rd of November): Aperture 1.5.1 did not require any modifications, it just runs even on 12″ PowerBook. Apple’s website still lists the same requirements as before, but maybe they just didn’t update it?

Apple says:
Run Aperture on any Intel-based Mac. Any desktop, including Mac mini, iMac, and Mac Pro. Or any notebook, including MacBook and MacBook Pro.
We’ll see if they removed the annoying hardware checks for G4 and G5 based systems as well. So far they don’t have the hardware compatibility checker for version 1.5. available. One can hope that there will be no more hassle with Hexedit for version 1.5, but so far I have no clue.

Update: Well now we know that the PowerPC hardware checks are still the same and I’ve tested the hexedits suggested by AP in the forum and they work for me. They are:

0xb548 40 9E 00 88 -> 48 00 00 88
0xb5e4 40 9E 00 88 -> 48 00 00 88
0xf6b8 40 9E 00 D8 -> 48 00 00 D8

Anyway, thanks for the update Apple!