Detour de France, via London

It’s amazing what you can find out if you have half an hour to kill in a train station and you decide to spend it WH Smith. Browsing trough the magazines, I noticed that Blueprint magazine had a special section on cycling in cities in the current issue. Leafing trough the pages I noticed something bizarre: part of Tour de France will take place in London! So in 2007, 7th July to be precise, London could be considered to be a part of France. (more details and a translation and a BBC video report on the route)


One Response to “Detour de France, via London”

  1. Raph Says:

    It should be good. The Tour de France has a habit of going to other countries (and will indeed go to Belgium in a few days time). The Tour has visited the UK before, about 8 years ago I think. I believe the prologue will be a short tour of London, but I read somewhere that the cyclists are going to cycle through the Eurotunnel service tunnel. Now that will be something to watch!

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