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Detour de France, via London

26 June 2006

It’s amazing what you can find out if you have half an hour to kill in a train station and you decide to spend it WH Smith. Browsing trough the magazines, I noticed that Blueprint magazine had a special section on cycling in cities in the current issue. Leafing trough the pages I noticed something bizarre: part of Tour de France will take place in London! So in 2007, 7th July to be precise, London could be considered to be a part of France. (more details and a translation and a BBC video report on the route)


Lofoten Islands

25 June 2006

I might write a bit more about the whole trip when I have time, at the moment I’ll only upload some photographs I took.


6 June 2006

It seems obvious that to make sure that a group of people can make a majority decision, there needs to be an odd number of people in that group (two people can either agree or disagree, if they disagree they won’t make a decision, three people on the other hand… etc.). It’s also rather obvious that you don’t want a situation where an important body of people, like say a parliament, can’t make a decision. But what is obvious to some people does not seem to be that obvious to others.

We’ve recently had a general election in the Czech republic. The result is rather unwelcome: both potential coalitions have exactly 100 seats in the parliament. Hence it’s next to impossible for them to form a sensible government. Yet if only the parliament had an odd number of representatives (199 or 201 or whatever, I don’t really see why we need all that many of them in the first place) we won’t have this problem. I wonder what the people who wrote the constitution back in 1990 have been thinking.

Lake District

5 June 2006

Climbing in Lake District: