Glentress, Sunday

I’ve finally managed to get some mountain biking done. We went to Glentress with Helena and Claire. I did the black run and it was quite nice. If I compare it to the trails I ride near Prague, I have to admit I still prefer Tocna. (random pictures, map). Please don’t get me wrong. The black run in Glentress is great, there are some great switchbacks on it as well as jumps etc. Perhaps it’s too well groomed, monotone, predictable and civilised. It’s too much of the same: rocks, roots, jumps, switchbacks. There’s no 100m long downhill on steep, exposed rock, no slippery bridges, no long downhill sections that are so steep that you have a lot of trouble just keeping the speed down. But most importantly: no surprises. No hidden corners and dropoffs that you have to either know about or break for your life once you realise they’re there.


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