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Etive slabs

29 April 2006

Fun was had by all:

Finally a link to Konrad’s photos


Aperture 1.1 working on a 12″ powerbook!

25 April 2006

Finally I have Aperture 1.1 working on my 12″ powerbook. I still haven’t tested how stable or unstable it is after all the hacking. Anyway what’s needed is:
1, I’m assuming that you have Aperture 1.0 installed
2, Install 1.1 using Software Update
3, Make a backup copy of Aperture
4, Open in a hex editor.
5, Edit the following offsets: (format is offset: original –> hacked)
0×93b8: 40 9E 00 88 -> 48 00 00 88
0×9454: 40 9E 00 88 -> 48 00 00 88
0x94f0: 40 9E 00 E0 -> 48 00 00 E0
6, Save the file and run Aperture. Comment on how sucessful you are.

Finally to give credit where credit’s due: the first two edits which disable the hardware checks are from here. The last bit, disabling the resolution check has been done (by the method of almost blind guessing) by me.

The Haute Route

23 April 2006

The Haute Route is an absolutely amazing trip. You go from Chamonix to Zermatt, you get six days of walking (mostly on skis), with awesome views and on top of that lovely downhill bits. It’s trekking gone right, no more boring downhill plodding that takes ages and makes your knees hurt. You can easily do 15 miles in an hour on a downhill part. And it did help that we only had bad weather on Saturday and Sunday and the amazing weather for the rest of the week. The pictures do speak for themselves (we had over 400 hundred, so trimming it down to a viewable number was not easy).

The Alps, before the Haute Route

23 April 2006

I’ve spend almost a month in the Alps, near Chamonix. The idea was to do a lot of climbing and then go and do the Haute Route with my parents. It turned out that I did very little climbing. Because of the weather we only attempted three routes. One was great, the other turned into snow-plodding, spindrifting, avalanching nightmare and the last one didn’t have thick enough ice for my liking.

Still, that meant that a lot of skitouring and maths got done. I won’t bother anyone with the latter, but there are few pictures from skiing trips. (As usual if you click on the big photograph then you get to see more pictures).