Skitouring / Avalache / Glacier Training Weekend

We’ve had one day of nice weather (the first day) and then three day of awful weather, hence most of the pictures are from day one.


4 Responses to “Skitouring / Avalache / Glacier Training Weekend”

  1. Adit Says:

    Wow, thats some great shots u got there…! Can you tell us readers what camera do you use? Any tips to protect your gear on this kind of extreme weather etc.. What do you use well besides aperture to manage and edit them? thanks a bunch…!

  2. d.siska Says:

    Hi Adit. It usually says at the bottom of the image what was the camera used. It’s either EOS300D with the basic 18-55 Canon lens, or Tamron SP AF28-75/2.8 lens. Or it’s EOS 350 with the Canon EF-S 17-85/4-5.6 IS lens. Or it’s Canon PowerShot S70. The conditions in which the pictures have been taken are really not all that extreme. I usually just carry the camera in a basic camera case in a rucsac. If it’s snowing I take it out briefly to take pictures and than put it back. When I get home, I take it out of the case and give leave it somewhere where the dampness can evaporate for about a day. But the thing is, snow usually does not make things that wet. I would hesitate taking pictures in pouring rain; that’s rather different. The only issues are the batteries in very cold conditions. If I go away for a weekend then one battery is fine even if the camera gets very cold. If I go away for longer e.g. for a week like the Haute Route, then I only carry the compact PowerShot. And this one is small enough to have on my neck and under my jacket all the time. This keeps the battery warm and makes it last for about 4 days easily.

  3. d.siska Says:

    Oh and I forgot to say, I don’t really use anything apart from Aperture for managing the photographs. I don’t do that much editing, perhaps setting exposure and white balance and that’s it. If I wanted to do more, then perhaps Adobe’s Lightroom might be better – Aperture can’t edit color curves! If I have to do something that one can’t do in Aperture, then I use “Open with external editor” and use Photoshop.

  4. Adit Says:

    Cool Siska, thanks for the info, i’ll keep it in mind especially about the battery (I never been to cold places yet) I didn’t like adobe lightroom as much as aperture, but yes color curves is important… . Thanks, and keep those cool shots comin’!

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