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Blog has moved

21 February 2006

The blog has moved to a new server. The address now is With any luck the old address should still work for a while, provided I got the redirecting sorted properly.

So why bother moving? The old server was free but one had to display banner ads and it was slow. It even wasn’t too bad, one just exported the data from the MySQL server, and imprted it to the new one, copied the files and changed the config file to point to the new server and that was it.


Glen Coe with EUMC

20 February 2006

Finally the weather got a bit colder here and so we have even had the chance to go to wintery Glen Coe. Great weekend with loads (sometimes way too much) snow. Pictures are here.

Cairngorms Again

10 February 2006

The weather was not very nice in the morning, so we couldn’t really see any of the buttresses. For some reason I was under the impression that we know where we are, which resulted in climbing a pitch on a completely random buttress about a mile away from Fingers Ridge, which is the route we wanted to do. When we finally figured out where we are, we decided to give Invernookie a go, since it was closer and also we actually could see the bottom of the route. The pictures are here.

A Not So Wintery Trip to An Taellach

6 February 2006

Very warm weekend very far up north. Pictures are here.

Old(ish) Pictures from Slovakia

3 February 2006

Pictures from what turned out to be a rather short trip, because of a knee injury (only 2 days instead of 6).