Time for summer holiday, well almost.

Hurray, I’ve now done my end of year report talk. I really didn’t like the idea of having to do it. The reason? It was meant to cover all of what I’ve been working on for a year and it wasn’t meant to last more than 30 minutes.

I haven’t managed to finish in 30 minutes (I don’t know who came up with this time limit). My talk still lasted nearly an hour and yet I could go into any detail with most things. I guess the only thing I can now do with the slides is to put them online. I’m sure I’ll be able to recycle them soon enough.

So now I only have to finish the end of year report and I’m ready to have a holiday. Unfortunately, that might not be so easy, because I uncovered a slight innacuracy in one of my proofs. So what I have here and probably here is not strictly speaking correct (the problem is that p_0, as I have it there, is not measurable with respect to the sigma algebra F_t_0, but rather F_t_1). I still maintain, that it’s just a technical wrinkle that can be ironed out easily enough. It’s just annoying that it was in one of the proofs that I wanted to go into more detail during the talk, because I quite like it.


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