Matpack and OS X Panther

Matpack is quite nice and user friendly c++ library for doing some numerical computation and visualisation. Unfortunately it won’t compile on OS without some (minor) changes. I’ve made a patch against the most recent version that at least compiles.

The good:
– uses the native VecLib framework for doing linear algebra computation (e.g. matrix inverse), so it should be reasonably efficient in that respect. On other OSes it would use BLAS, but I would expect the native framework to work better.
– compiles as a dynamic library

The bad:
– assumes libpng is installed (I used fink)
– it introduces a small bug, namely axes in 3D plots will have the numerical values displayed only in the exponential format, see
– Random number generators might be a bit dodgy (even though it passed the tests in the test directory). See void ftime(timeb* tb) in

If you give it a go, comments are welcome.


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